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At HBM we rely on high-pressure steam for our energy instead of heavily polluting coal power which is a more common standard in manufacturing.  We are sensitive to enviromental changes and maintain responsibility in our efforts to curb fossil fuel output. 


At HBM, we’ve also incorporated sustainability and green technology to make our Medispo Biodegradable Nitrile examination gloves. Our exclusive polymerized formulation means our gloves—designed with a 3-year shelf life—are the fastest biodegrading glove ever produced, up to 85 times faster than conventional nitrile gloves.  This makes them vastly better for the environment. 


Most of our gloves are manufactured at our own 500,000 square foot facility, located on 85 acres of land. HBM’s production facility is undergoing a large expansion in 2021, which will increase the scale and efficiency of our production, leading to better quality and even more savings for customers who choose to buy our gloves direct.

Medispo products are produced in our highly efficient and automated facility in Guilin, China.  We are honored to supply our premium surgical gloves and masks to the United Nations and top international brands across Europe, Latin America and Africa.