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HBM Group is the largest surgical glove manufacturer in the world, developing and delivering reliable Medispo medical products since 1998.  In fact, we are the only manufacturer of polyisoprene surgical gloves in China. From the operating room to medical offices, frontline workers, vendors and service providers across the globe, our products offer hand protection and value to deal with today’s medical challenges and ongoing hygiene and safety requirements.


We’re honored to serve as the only manufacturer to supply both surgical gloves and medical face masks to the United Nations. Thirteen UN organizations, including WHO, UNHCR-the UN Refugee Agency, and UNICEF, rely on us as their long-term agreement supplier.


Since our launch in 1998, we’ve built trusted partnerships to serve clients in Europe as well as Africa and Latin America. 


Our dedicated R&D facility in Guilin is a global leader in automated processes, ensuring our healthcare products meet stringent international testing standards at competitive pricing.  


Please see below for a list of certifications. 

COVID-19 has forever changed the way hospitals and clients the world over purchase essential health care supplies. As high demand for gloves continues, we're looking forward to using our production capacity, innovation, and automation to bring reliability, scale, and cost effectiveness to our expanding U.S. client base.

International Testing Certifications

Premium -quality medical products are critical to healthcare professionals worldwide. With over 23 years of proven experience in quality controls and automation, we continue to invest heavily in new production capabilities and innovative medical products. We care about patients and strive to continue our mission to be the brand you can trust.